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BMW 330i Detailing in Manhattan

Turning a White BMW 330i from Everyday to Exceptional with Our All-Inclusive Mobile Detailing


For luxury cars like the BMW 330i, maintaining their premium look and feel is a priority. One of our recent detailing projects was a white BMW 330i parked in Manhattan. Read on to learn how we meticulously restored its original charm and allure.

Exterior Detailing Services

To preserve and enhance the sophisticated aura of the BMW 330i, we provided the following exterior detailing services:

  • High-Pressure Rinse: For the initial removal of surface-level contaminants.
  • Foam Bath Wash: A deeper cleanse to remove stubborn grime.
  • Hand Wash: Ensuring a thorough cleaning, down to the smallest detail.
  • Hand Dry: Avoiding water spots for a flawless finish.
  • Exterior Glass Cleaning: Improving visibility and appearance.
  • Wheel Power Wash: Bringing the wheels back to life.
  • Tire Cleaning & Degreasing: Restoring the look of new tires.
  • Ceramic Spray Sealant Application: Providing a lasting, protective layer.
  • Windshield Water Repellent Application: Enhancing driver safety.
  • Tire Shine Application: For that perfect finishing touch.

Interior Detailing Services

For an environment that matches the elegance of the exterior, the BMW 330i underwent the following interior detailing services:

  • Trash Removal: For a cleaner, uncluttered interior.
  • Interior Vacuuming: Eliminating all traces of dirt and debris.
  • Floor Mats Vacuuming: Focusing on high-traffic areas.
  • Seat Dusting & Vacuuming: Providing a clean seating experience.
  • Dashboard Dusting: Enhancing the driver’s interface.
  • Center Console Dusting: Maintaining a pristine utility space.
  • Door Jamb Dusting: Beautifying the car’s entryways.
  • Interior Glass Cleaning: For crystal-clear visibility.
  • Floor Mats Shampooing: Eradicating embedded dirt.
  • Trunk Vacuuming: Making the storage space as clean as the rest of the car.
  • Dashboard Shampoo Cleaning: Restoring a fresh dashboard.
  • Center Console Shampoo Cleaning: Raising the bar for interior utility spaces.
  • Door Shampoo Cleaning: A fresh touch to complete the interior look.
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BMW 330i Covered in Soap in Tribeca NYC

The Process

We began with an in-depth consultation to understand the client's specific needs. Following this, our skilled team executed the detailed plan, step-by-step, ensuring no detail was overlooked. The entire service was carried out on location in Tribeca, providing ultimate convenience for our client.


This BMW 330i project in Manhattan exemplifies the transformative capability of our all-inclusive mobile detailing services.

From surface to interior, the car now stands out as a luxurious experience, delighting our satisfied clients.

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